Marketers at all companies have their work cut out for them in 2023.

With uncertain economic conditions, shrinking marketing budgets, and more pressure from CFOs to prove impact, there’s no doubt that growth will not come easy.

But pipeline creation doesn’t sleep, and in many cases, attainment goals are higher than ever.

How can marketers deliver efficient growth in 2023? 

Join AudiencePlus, Clearbit, Mutiny, and thousands of CMOs and B2B marketing leaders for an exciting half-day event where we'll cover how you can continue to drive impact throughout the year.
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Date & Time
May 30, 2023, 11:30 AM - 4:00 PM EST
Melissa Rosenthal
Chief Creative Officer, Clickup
Melissa is an award winning marketing executive and the Chief Creative Officer at ClickUp, focused on making the world more productive through best in class SaaS marketing! Previously Melissa was the CRO/ Executive Vice President at Cheddar, a live video media company at the intersection of business news and culture. For her brand work, she was named to Forbes' 30 Under 30, Business Insider’s 30 Most Creative People Under 30 and as one of Digiday's "Changemakers." Prior to Cheddar, she led BuzzFeed's Global Creative Team. Joining the staff in 2010, Rosenthal was a key contributor to the creation and early success of BuzzFeed's branded content native advertising model.
Anthony Kennada
Founder + cEO, Audienceplus
Anthony Kennada is the co-founder and CEO at AudiencePlus, the Owned Media company. As the former Chief Marketing Officer at Gainsight, Front, and Hopin, Anthony has pioneered a market-making playbook that leverages content, community, and events in order to build, engage, and monetize an owned audience. Anthony is also the author of Category Creation: How to Build a Brand that Customers, Employees, and Investors Will Love.
Jaleh Rezaei
CEO & Co-Founder, Mutiny
Jaleh Rezaei is CEO and co-founder at Mutiny. Mutiny helps SaaS companies personalize their website for each visitor to improve conversion and drive revenue. Prior to starting Mutiny, Jaleh was employee 12 and CMO at Gusto, where she grew the company 100x to 50,000 customers over 4 years. Mutiny is a no-code AI platform that helps marketers convert their top of funnel demand into revenue, without engineers.
Gaurav Agarwal
Chief Growth Officer, ClickUp
Gaurav Agarwal is the Chief Growth Officer at ClickUp, accelerating hyper-scale growth through data-driven marketing and product growth. He leads the $4B SaaS company's growth marketing, growth product, growth ops, data science, inbound & content, CRM & lifecycle, and more. He is passionate about growth with proven expertise in growing businesses at scale across many industries. Before joining ClickUp, he was SVP of Growth at Freedom Financial Network after serving as the SVP of Growth (and Interim CMO) at Molekule. Gaurav is also an advisor and angel investor in 25+ companies disrupting SaaS, e-commerce, CPG, fintech, and hardware.
Shannon Curran
VP of Marketing, MadKudu
Shannon is a strategic storyteller combining her passion for brand and her love of efficient growth as the VP of Marketing at MadKudu. She began her tech career building the content and brand function at Quickbase and most recently ran content, brand and integrated marketing at OpenView VC. She spent the beginning of her career in non profits and higher education, working in marketing. When she's not marketing, she's definitely playing with her two dogs.
Colin White
Colin White is Director of Demand Generation at Clearbit, where he’s focused on growing efficient revenue and ROI through data-driven marketing and integrated demand programs. A former software engineer and entrepreneur, Colin has 7 years of experience in marketing, with expertise in B2B demand generation, performance marketing, and operations.
Camille Trent
Director of Content & Community, PeerSignal
Camille Trent is the Director of Content & Community at PeerSignal and strategic advisor at Keyplay and AudiencePlus. When she's not planning content, she's repurposing it. When she's not repurposing content, she's hanging out with her pup and two favorite redheads. Or she's trying to coach the Portland Trail Blazers from her couch (unsuccessfully).
Mark Kilens
Chief Marketing Officer, Airmeet
Mark Kilens is the Chief Marketing Officer at Airmeet. He previously held positions as the VP of Content and Community at Drift, VP of HubSpot Academy at HubSpot, and more. Mark has a wealth of experience in marketing, sales, and customer success. He's passionate about developing the right content, programs, and experiences to accelerate revenue, deliver more value to customers, and grow brands.
Andrew Davies
Chief Marketing Officer, Paddle
Andrew serves as Chief Marketing Officer. Paddle runs the payments infrastructure for 4,000 software companies, and after its acquisition of ProfitWell last year, also has the industry-leading Pricing team, Retention product, and a SaaS Metrics platform used by ~30,000 businesses. Previously Andrew led global demand, digital and brand at Optimizely - after it acquired the business he co-founded,
Nick Bennett
Sr. Director of ELG & Evangelism, Airmeet
Nick Bennett currently heads up Events, Partnerships, Community, Social & Creator Studio efforts at Airmeet. With over a decade of marketing expertise, Nick brings a distinctive perspective to the marketing realm and is dedicated to bridging the gap between revenue teams to achieve the ultimate goal: revenue growth & retention. As part of this mission, Nick has co-founded Revenue Era, a community of marketers that are obsessed with driving revenue over leads and also runs The Anonymous Marketer Podcast where we tackle the most pressing questions from the B2B marketing community. Based just outside of Boston, in his spare time you can catch him on the baseball diamond still playing America’s favorite pastime or spending time with his family.
Emily Kramer
Emily is a fund manager and marketer. She’s co-founder of MKT1 Capital, an early-stage B2B fund, writes MKT1 Newsletter, and teaches Marketing Leadership courses. Previously, Emily was a marketing executive who built the marketing teams from scratch at Asana, Carta, Ticketfly (acquired by Eventbrite) and Astro (acquired by Slack).
Alex Poulos
CMO, Crossbeam
Alex is based in New York and has over 20 years of marketing leadership experience globally. An engineer-turned-marketer, he has held CMO roles in a number of high-growth software companies like NetDimensions,, Chartio (acq. by Atlassian), DocSend (acq. by Dropbox), and most recently he was the CRO of MadKudu. He is currently the CMO at Crossbeam, the first and largest Ecosystem-Led Growth platform, used by over 13,000 companies to create, close, and grow sales deals using their partner ecosystem.
Kaylee Edmondson
VP of Revenue, R&D, Refine Labs
Kaylee is the VP of Revenue R&D at Refine Labs, a demand gen firm for high-growth B2B SaaS companies. She's also an advisor, an operator, and investor. Prior to leading marketing for Refine Labs, Kaylee led demand gen for brightwheel, Chili Piper, and Campaign Monitor.
Arthur Castillo
HEad of Dark Social & Evangelism,
Chili Piper
Arthur Castillo currently heads up Dark Social & Evangelism at Chili Piper, where he recently transitioned as one of the top performing Account Executives. He brings a unique view to marketing with his 8+ years in sales and is on a mission to blur the lines between sales and marketing, where both teams are aligned and accountable to the metric that matters most - revenue. As part of this mission, Arthur has co-founded Revenue Era, a community of marketers that are obsessed with driving revenue over leads. Based in Toronto, Canada, in his spare time you can catch him watching NFL or soccer, playing fantasy football, and looking to improve his chess game!
Amanda Groves
Sr. Director of Product Marketing, 
Amanda Groves is the Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Crossbeam. She is a marketing leader, athlete, military spouse, and mom. Her journey has led her to hold roles across healthcare tech, experiential learning, edtech, hrtech, martech and partner ecosystem platforms.
Along the way, she's contributed to company cultures such as 6sense, JazzHR, SoftWriters, Appsembler, ImagineLearning and most recently, Crossbeam.
Ashley Skiles
Director of Partnership MArketing, RollWorks
Ashley Skiles is the Director of Partnership Marketing at RollWorks. She has 10+ of experience leading marketing, communications, and design projects internationally and domestically. Background in tech and public policy. Enjoy creating structure out of chaos, executing complex logistics, and building strategic and tactical plans.
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11:30 AM EST
Opening Welcome
We'll have a short opening to walk through the event and introduce our amazing session hosts.
11:30 AM EST
Why Focusing on Your Ideal Customer Profile is the Key to Efficient Growth
Colin White, Director of Demand Generation, Clearbit

Focusing your team’s time, energy, and budget to drive the most revenue is a primary goal for all marketing leaders. To do this effectively, you need to know who your ideal customers are and focus your funnel and campaigns on creating, capturing, and converting demand them. Join Kevin Tate and guests to hear how they are driving efficient growth by focusing on their ideal customers.
12:00 PM EST
How to Use Media to Build an Owned Audience
Anthony Kennada, Co-Founder & CEO, AudiencePlus

Every company is becoming a media company. Changing consumer behavior around emerging content formats, data privacy laws, and our relationship with social media is creating a renewed focus on owned media -- a powerful strategy for building authentic relationships between brand and audience. Owned media, however, is more than just a new buzzword, but the most efficient strategy to building sustainable revenue.
12:30 PM EST
The Next Evolution of Demand Gen: Demand Conversion
Jaleh Rezaei, CEO & Co-Founder, Mutiny

How to turn website visitors into customers.

$19 of every $20 spent on marketing is wasted. How did we get here? Most companies only focus on one lever to drive growth: demand. We buy ads. We create content. We reach out to our target accounts. All to create awareness and capture that demand for our products.

The "growth at all costs" era of company building is over. Jaleh Rezaei, CEO and Co-Founder of Mutiny shares the secret sauce and the second lever behind the fastest-growing and most resilient companies — conversion.
1:00 PM EST
How Event-led Growth Will Transform Your Revenue Engine
Mark Kilens, CMO, Airmeet + Nick Bennett, Sr. Director of ELG & Evangelism, Airmeet

In this session you'll learn how to use webinars and events to up-level your entire revenue engine. We'll show you ways to make your events more interactive and more personalized so that you book more meetings and create more pipeline. You'll get tangible takeaways to make your events and webinars memorable that drive pipeline and revenue.
1:30 PM EST
Growing Through a Recession: Lessons from 35.7k SaaS companies
Andrew Davies CMO, Paddle

Andrew will deep dive into growing through a recession and give you actionable insights on revenue operations, pricing and customer retention.
2:00 PM EST
GTM Excellence 2.0: 5 Effective Growth Strategies Defining B2B Success in 2023
Camille Trent, Director of Content & Community, PeerSignal
2:30 PM EST
The PunchUp Report: How Companies are Attacking Growth, Priorities, and Costs Amid Uncertainty in 2023
Gaurav Agarwal, Chief Growth Officer, ClickUp

You've seen the predictions for 2023. You've adjusted your forecasts. But if you're only thinking about survival this year, you're going to get left behind. Join Gaurav Agarwal, ClickUp's chief growth officer, as he shares insights for your own efficient growth from a new study on top strategies for navigating uncertainty. Hear why he believes 2023 will be an exciting, transformational year for many companies, and how ClickUp plans to lead the charge.
3:00 PM EST
The Executive Perspective: Leading Through Efficient Growth
Anthony Kennada, Melissa Rosenthal, Alex Poulos, and Shannon Curran

Dive into an engaging CMO Panel discussion, where top marketing leaders tackle the distinct challenges and opportunities presented in 2023. The conversation will explore the reality of marketing and selling in this unique climate, the impact of increased budget scrutiny on their investment strategies, and the evolving dynamics between marketing, sales, and customer success teams. Panelists will also share their approaches to maintaining team morale amidst uncertainty and their advice for marketers working with less resources.
3:30 pM EST
Roundtable Sessions
Leadership and Productivity: Exploring the role of effective leadership in fostering a productive and efficient work culture

Discussion Led by: 
Melissa Rosenthal, Chief Creative Officer, ClickUp
Driving Alignment Through Data Truth: Bringing go-to-market teams together to drive revenue

Discussion Led By: 
Shannon Curran, VP of Marketing, MadKudu
How Aligning to Modern Buyer Expectations Increases Conversions

Discussion Led By: 
Arthur Castillo, Head of Dark Social & Evangelism, Chili Piper
Move Over Traditional Marketing Campaigns — Ecosystem-Led Marketing Has Arrived

Discussion Led By: 
Amanda Groves, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Crossbeam
Ashley Skiles, Director of Partner Marketing at RollWorks
Marketers in 2023 need to be strategic in targeting their audience to ensure they reach the right people at the right time, with the right message.

Being intentional about identification improves marketing efficiency by reducing wasted ad spend and maximizing the effectiveness of campaigns – thereby creating healthy pipeline that has a high probability of conversion into revenue.
Most industry experts agree that 80% of the success of your content marketing is distribution. If your audience doesn't see your content, or if it’s not making its way to the right people, it becomes wasted effort.

With paid distribution becoming increasingly inefficient, social algorithms untrustworthy, and third-party cookies going away altogether, the future of content distribution and engagement relies on building an owned first-party audience.
Across industry, the average website conversion rate – to a Get Started, Contact Sales, or Demo Request CTA, is 2.35%. It's even worse for B2B SaaS. Think about that for a second. That means that 97.65% of your hard-earned web traffic is bouncing after hitting your website.

The most resilient companies focus on growing efficiently in harsh economic conditions. To do this, they use conversion as the growth lever to turn their existing demand into revenue.
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